Sylex is a world-class contract manufacturer of high-quality optical interconnect and sensor solutions. Sylex offers sensors and sensing systems with cutting-edge performance for the Mining industry, Civil Engineering, SHM and Geo-technical market.

FBG sensors for civil and geotechnical applications

As a partner and co-investor in FBGS, Sylex uses DTG® manufactured fibers in their own sensing solutions. These are used for Structural Health Monitoring of bridges, dams, tunnels, buildings, historical monuments etc. by monitoring mechanical parameters such as strain, vibration, pressure, displacement and temperature.

Figure: Example of a strain cable sensor for measuring deformations in civil applications.

Dedicated strain gauges, extensometers, displacement, pressure and temperature sensors are manufactured based on robust Draw Tower Gratings from FBGS. More product information of these sensors can be found at

Other cases

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