Optical fiber sensors present undeniable advantages such as high fatigue limits, multiplexing and immunity to electromagnetic interferences. With our variety of high quality Fiber Bragg Grating sensors you are able to measure strain, force, temperature, pressure and shape.

All Sensors

Strain Gage SG-01

The Strain Gauge SG-01 is the fiber optic equivalent of an electrical strain gauge. The single sensor can be mounted directly to the structure under test by means of a suitable adhesive.

Strain sensor SGC-01

The Strain gauge chain SGC-01 is the fiber optic equivalent of several electrical strain gauges, as the chain can be configured to customer needs. In this way an entire strain distribution can be monitored using just one fiber.

Strain sensor SGK-01

The Strain Gauge Kit is designed for use on-site or in the lab and contains all the parts required to install fiber optic strain gauges.

Strain sensor SMW-01

Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) in a wire form is used to protect the fiber in this product. This makes it suitable for use in the harshest of environments when for example, embedded in other materials.

Temperature Sensor TC-01

The TC-01 Beta is a versatile high-precision chain with multiple sensors that can be configured to customer needs. The length of the tube is 15cm and the temperature precision is 1°C.

Temperature sensor TC-03

The TC-03 is a versatile Temperature Chain with multiple sensors that can be configured to customer needs. Length of tube, number and position of sensing points can all be specified.

Temperature Sensor TC-X01

The Temperature Chain TC-X01 is a spliceless chain of multiple high-precision fiber optic temperature sensors in series on a single fiber.

Temperature sensor TP-01

The Temperature Compensation Probe is used to compensate strain measurements due to the effects of temperature. Manufactured in stainless steel, it is supplied with an FC/APC type connector.

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