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The growing interconnectability of people, devices and machines has led to a rapidly increasing need for sensing solutions allowing to measure a variety of parameters in a broad range of applications. The limits and shortcomings of traditional sensing technologies paved the way for the emerging field of fiber optic sensing. Optical fibers are light weight, passive and unobtrusive sensing wires with a thickness comparable to a human hair. Sensing features can be tailored to the needs of the application and the unprecedented multiplexing capabilities allows to move away from traditional discrete measurement points to continuous measurements visualizing strain and temperature gradients, pressure, multi-directional force, curvature and shape information. The technology is today being used in various industries ranging from industrial processing, structural health monitoring and energy to aerospace, medical and safety & security.


Temperature Sensing

Fiber optic temperature sensing supports the international tendency to increase the situation awareness of production or industrial processes. Metal casting, process or chemical industry – wherever temperature plays a major role, fiber optic temperature sensing is a key element of the monitoring system. Improved production efficiency as well as reduced downtime, maintenance and costs are at stake. The solution supports users capitalize on the smart industry 4.0 revolution by ensuring real-time monitoring. Furthermore, it enables connectivity and data analysis.

Shape Sensing

Fiber optic shape sensing has an outstanding capability to sense curvature and shape in 2D and 3D. The technology will enable cutting-edge applications in the fields of robotic and standard minimally invasive surgery - such as real-time position tracking, instrument and catheter navigation, force and bending detection as well as deformation monitoring.

Strain Sensing

Fiber Bragg Gratings are known to have a stable and reliable wavelength response as function of the applied strain. FBGs are therefore gaining increasing attention in the field of strain measurements.

Force Sensing

The importance of controlling the interaction force between minimally invasive surgery tools and the human tissue has been well-recognized by the medical community, e.g. during cardiac catheterization procedures, such as cardiac ablation treatments, or robotic assisted laparoscopic surgeries.

Pressure Sensing

Fiber optic pressure sensing has proven its reliability and accuracy in the harshest of environments. FBGS build pressure sensors with unique sensing capabilities eliminating the cross-sensitivity over wide temperature and pressure working ranges. The sensing system measures both with an outstanding stability under shock and vibrations conditions.

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