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FBGS is a Germany / Belgium based developer and manufacturer of high strength Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs), Interrogators, Sensors and custom-made fiber optic sensing solutions. Therefore, FBGS has developed two unique and fully automated production processes for FBGs which result in very high quality and cost-effective sensing components with unique optical and mechanical characteristics. FBGS’s products are suitable for both standard and bespoke applications in industries such as: medical, composite, transport, process, civil & geo, telecom and R&D. FBGS supplies ‘Draw Tower Gratings’ – DTG® and ‘FemtoSecond Gratings’ – FSG® as an OEM component and our products can today be found in many applications and products developed by our customers worldwide.


Our values

Solution oriented

We take up the sensing challenges of our clients & always look for the best technical and economical solution.


We are a versatile company, love to innovate and stay always curious. It’s part of our company DNA.


We keep a deep relationship with more than 300 clients all over the world.


We always deliver high standards on our products & solutions to contribute to a smarter world.

Our team

Dr. Eric Lindner
Dr. Johan Vlekken
Dr. Bram Van Hoe
Director of Sales & Marketing
Tony Teng
Sales Manager China
Nick Plescia
Sales Manager North & South America / Asia (excl. India & China)
Daniel Matz
Sales Manager EMEA (excl. BENELUX) / India
Guido Brandt
Quality Manager
Coralie Schmidt
Marketing Manager
Claudia Keil
Management Assistant
William Thys
Production & Development Engineer
Jürgen Schiffler
Production Engineer / Quality Management
Eric Daerden
Production & Development Engineer
Dr. Ji-Ying Huang
Application Engineer
Dr. Jan Van Roosbroeck
R&D Manager
Dr. Christian Voigtländer
R&D Manager
Marco Walter
Production Engineer | Team lead DTG
Tushar Sorathiya
Quality Engineer
Bhushan Todkar
Production Engineer
Vincent Deurwaarder
Development Engineer
Safi Ullah
Development Engineer
Jens Neusel
Production Manager
Shivam Lakum
Production Engineer
Donghoon Lee
LabVIEW Developer
Maryam Nouman
Production Engineer
Dr. Ismael Chiamenti
Development Engineer
Fabien Griffon
Development Engineer
Johannes Kaule
Production Engineer
Robert Arlt
Development Engineer
Sajib Barua
Production Engineer



Gründung der FBGS Technologies GmbH (Deutschland) als Spin-Off vom Leibniz IPHT Jena zur weiteren Industrialisierung der Draw Tower Grating (DTG®)-Technologie für die automatisierte Herstellung von Faser-Bragg-Gittern.


Erste Wachstumsfinanzierungsrunde für das Unternehmen und Gründung von FBGS International in Belgien als Tochtergesellschaft, die FBG-Schreiberfahrung aus Deutschland mit Fragensteller- und Anwendungs-Know-how aus Belgien in einer Organisation vereint.

ISO Zertifizierung

FBGS erhält die ISO9001-Zertifizierung für sein Qualitätsmanagementsystem und FBGS Faser- und Abfrageprodukte erhalten in Zusammenarbeit mit einem Kunden die medizinische CE-Zulassung.

Neue Produkte

Entwicklung und Markteinführung neuer Produkte auf Basis der DTG®-Technologie. FBGS All Grating Fiber (AGF®) für verbesserte Rückstreuung und den Einsatz mit OFDR-Geräten und DTG®s in Multicore-Fasern (MCF-DTG®) zur Kraft- und Formmessung wurden entwickelt.

FSG® Technologie

FBGS erweitert sein Portfolio um die Fertigungstechnologie FemtoSecond Grating (FSG®), die die technologische Basis stärkt, und führt das erste kommerzielle FSG-Produkt (FSG®- A01) ein.

International expansion

FBGS opens a new office in Suzhou, China to support the market growth and offer customers support in Chinese.

New automated FSG® inscription line

FBGS invests into a cleanroom and launches a new automated FSG® inscription line in Jena.

Our Certificates

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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FBGS Technologies GmbH
Franz Loewen Straße 3
D-07745 Jena


FBGS International NV
Bell Telephonelaan 2H
B-2440 Geel


Suzhou X2 Electronic Technology Co Ltd
Room No. 2003, Building 38, No. 60 Weixin Road, Suzhou Industrial Park
215122 Suzhou, Jiangsu China