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Force Sensing

The importance of controlling the interaction force between minimum invasive surgery tools and the human tissue has been well-recognized by the medical community, like for instance during Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) treatments or robotic assisted laparoscopic surgeries.

Due to the inherent advantages of fiber optic sensors (immunity against EM radiation, small size, distributed measurement capabilities), FBG based force sensors have unique characteristics to solve the main challenges in this emerging application field.

FBGS introduces therefore a new level of force sensing technologies by exploring and developing the necessary concepts, algorithms and hardware. FBGS proprietary Draw Tower Grating (DTG®) technology in Multi-core fibers, which besides temperature and strain also allows monitoring the curvature and/or shape, lies at the base of these new force sensing concepts. Building upon DTG® technology, FBGS is developing currently novel concept for robust 3D force sensing technologies for integration into catheter tips and other types of surgical tools.

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