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George Sagias
Nick Plescia
Tony Teng
Bram van Hoe

Solution Partner

Eli Voet

Com&Sens (Composites & Sensing) is specialized in applying fibre optic sensors to monitor composite, steel and concrete structures. Monitoring in this, means using the response of the (embedded) sensors to judge on the quality of the component during processing of the material or the structure’s integrity during its operation.

Arkwright Technologies seeks to provide application specific fibre optic sensing solutions that will enable the sustainable growth of our customers. We do this by understanding the needs of our customers and incorporating their aspirations into our core business ethos.

Distributors & Sales Partner

Japan, Toyo Corporation
Yukio Ito

TOYO Corporation has been contributing to Japanese industries through the provision of the world's most advanced “Measurement Technologies” as its core competence. In order to play a role in enabling Japan as a technology-driven nation to demonstrate its technological prowess to the world, we introduce the latest measurement instruments and technologies from around the world in such areas as Information Communications, Automotive Measurements, Sustainable Energy and Environment, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Testing, Ocean Surveys, Software Quality and Productivity, and Medical Systems.

Taiwan, Memstech
Steve Hsu

With the rapid development of technology, in response to the increasing demand of customers for various measurement, Memstec, former Maxi Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, the company's founding purpose is to provide the latest measurement technology and comprehensive services, in order to meet each Customer measurement needs.

Lowell Innovation (Oil & Gas North America)
Mark Lowell

Lowell Innovation is a Sales Partner of FBGS with multiple years of fiber optic sensor experience and serves selected customers from the Oil&Gas industry.

BayCon Monitoring
Scott Riggi

Bacon Monitoring is a Sales Partner of FBGS with years of fiber optic sensor experience and serves selected North American customers.

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