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Shape Sensing

FBGS offers the solution for performing shape sensing using our dedicated developed multicore fiber technology (MCF) in combination with our Draw Tower Grating (DTG®) technology.

Fiber optic shape sensing has great potential for several medical and industrial applications to sense curvature and shape in 2D and 3D. Given the small dimensions of the fiber, the immunity to radiation and the flexibility for the integration, fiber optic shape sensing will open a complete new category of currently non-existing measurement possibilities.

The use of Draw Tower Gratings in Multi Core Fibers (MCF-DTG®s) offers a clean and elegant way of tracking shape along the length of an optical fiber with a high spatial resolution. Not only the size of the curvature can be deduced but also its direction, resulting in a reconstruction of the fiber shape in 3D. In combination with the small size of the optical fiber, this so-called ‘shape sensing’ ability opens a whole new area of applications. The emergence of the MCF-DTG® is therefore destined to present a paradigm shift in shape sensing and will for many applications be a preferred solution over conventional methods, such as in position tracking of catheters during minimum invasive surgery or precise positioning in continuum robotics.

Cases for Shape Sensing

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