The Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE) at the University of Stuttgart focuses its activity on the development of structures. ITKEs goal is to push the boundaries of engineering design and material science towards new applications in the field of architecture.

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Structural behaviour of glass under various load conditions

The University of Stuttgart’s ‘Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design’ (itke) has used our DTG’s, to better understand the structural behaviour of glass under various load conditions. Stress and temperature is measured in a 2m curved arch, as exhibited at the 2014 glasstec event.

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University of Stuttgart research pavilion – new tectonic possibilities in architecture

Fabricated entirely from carbon and glass fibre composites, this project investigates the possible interrelation between biomimetic design and robotic production. The pavilion requires a shell thickness of only four millimetres while spanning eight metres. Despite this low profile, a single FBGS draw tower fiber was embedded within the material with gratings positioned at specific points to compare its load bearing properties with the finite element analyses that took place during the design process.

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