The Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The AMC is one of eight university hospitals in the Netherlands and is expert in medical research in a variety of specialities including forensics; biomedical physics, radiology and pathology.

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Draw Tower Gratings for use in the development of MRI compatible sensors

MRI is an ideal method for non-invasive soft tissue investigation. This requires mechanical deformation measurement of soft tissue inside the MRI environment. However, this is technically difficult since the load application and measurement requires actuators and sensors that are compatible with the environment within the MRI machine. FBGS Draw Tower Gratings were used in the development of a soft tissue indentor and force sensor, both of which were manufactured from non-ferromagnetic materials that are MRI compatible. Performance of the device was verified using indentation tests on a silicone gel and the upper arm of a volunteer. This computer controlled indentation system with an integrated force sensor has a broad range of applications and will also be used in the future for the non-invasive analysis of the mechanical properties of skeletal muscle tissue.

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