New achievement in force sensing for heart catheter and minimally invasive surgery

Fiber optic force sensing
Next-generation surgical precision in critical medical procedures.

Coralie Simard
Marketing Manager
Coralie Simard works as Marketing Manager at FBGS.

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Fiber optic force sensing
Next-generation surgical precision in critical medical procedures.

“The human heart is a fragile and dynamic organ that requires careful approach during catheter intervention. It is essential for physicians to have a high degree of awareness of the anatomy and the relative pose of the catheter when operating inside the heart. One of the key aspects that can aid physicians during such interventions is knowledge of the heart’s motion profile.”

Haptic feedback is indeed of high importance to control the interaction force between surgical tools and human tissue. Our force sensing concept is elegant in its simplicity of concept yet powerful. Our sensor is built to measure a three-dimensional force where longitudinal and lateral forces are well decoupled. This approach is designed to be generic to fit many different applications.

Our solution is still under development, and we are glad to celebrate the recognition of our latest achievement. Congratulations to Omar Al-Ahmad, Johan Vlekken and colleagues on the new publication!

Read the whole paper,
Local One-Dimensional Motion Estimation Using FBG-Based Shape Sensing for Cardiac Applications

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