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What Bonding Materials Are Recommended for Fixing the DTG® Sensors to Structures (Substrates)?

In general, the selection of the most appropriate bonding material will be key to having a reliable sensor response with minimum drift and fatigue effects. The environmental conditions, including the operational temperature, play a major role when going through the selection of bonding material and the proper sensor fixation process.  For a direct fixation of Draw Tower Gratings (DTG®s) to other structures, either a cyanoacrylate, such as (Z70) or a UV-curable adhesive, such as (Norland Optical Adhesive 61) are recommended by FBGS, taking into account the bonding material’s operational limitations.  Extensive testing, calibration and characterization has been performed internally on the use of these bonding materials and are included together with the bonding methodology developed by FBGS in the Strain Gage Kit supplied by FBGS.  The results are included on

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