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The opportunity to monitor structures and the ground on which they are standing over extended periods is used by engineers to measure the effects of load or environmental conditions. This might be for the purpose of design verification, to monitor natural aging processes or to measure the damaging effect of earthquakes. Real time structural integrity monitoring replaces visual inspection methods with sensors installed on or buried deep within buildings and structural components.


Pegaso Systems S.r.l. specialises in fiber optic monitoring systems for the naval, oil & gas and civil sectors.

Sylex is a world-class contract manufacturer of high-quality optical interconnect and sensor solutions. Sylex offers sensors and sensing systems with cutting-edge performance for the Mining industry, Civil Engineering, SHM and Geo-technical market.

TenCate Geosynthetics develops and produces synthetics fabrics, non-wovens and grids for infrastructure and civil engineering.

Within the aerospace industry, many years of high thermal and mechanical service is required of FBG’s. This paper discusses the challenge associated with long term reliability of FBG’s and focusses on the use of Draw Tower Gratings and the impact of fiber coatings.

Graz University of Technology pursues top teaching and research in the fields of the engineering sciences and the technical-natural sciences.

The Energy & Materials in Infrastructure & Buildings (EMIB) department of the University of Antwerp carried out a study on the use of ruggedized FBG sensors for asphalt monitoring.

The gardens of the Victoria and Albert (V&A) museum in London were awesomely transformed with the installation of the Elytra Filament Pavilion (EFP), which was commissioned from pioneering architects and engineers at University of Stuttgart, Germany.


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