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As Fiber Bragg Grating sensors work through guiding optical signals in glass material, they are immune to any electromagnetic radiation and can additionally be used in explosive or corrosive environments to measure dynamic strain in flexible pipelines or temperature on high voltage power transmission windings.


ECN is one of Europe‘s largest energy research organizations, focussed on sustainable energy generation to develop safe, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly energy systems. It has a strong international position in the fields of biomass, solar energy, wind energy, energy efficiency and policy studies

Indra is a multinational company specializing in Technology Consulting throughout Europe and Latin America. With 550 million invested in R&D in the last three years, they see innovation as their driving force.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel's (VUB) - Brussels Photonics (B-PHOT) have developed a measurement system relying on FBGS’s draw-tower gratings (DTG®) in combination with the FBG-Scan 808D, to monitor a fuel assembly mock-up for the future MYRRHA large multipurpose irradiation facility.


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