FBGS introduced the new Ormocer-T coating

Maria Ebbinghaus
Marketing Manager
Maria Ebbinghaus works as Marketing Manager at FBGS.

ORMOCER®-T is mainly designed for temperature measurement applications where a strain-free DTG fiber is used.

The hygroscopicity of optical fiber coatings typically limits the accuracy of FBG-based temperature sensors as the coating can induce unwanted strain effects when absorbing humidity. To overcome this challenge, it is recommended to use Ormocer®-T as DTG coating. By using this coating, unwanted strain effects associated with changes in the relative humidity are not transferred to the optical fiber. Therefore, the precision of the temperature measurements is significantly enhanced.

Similar to the Ormocer® coating, the Ormocer®-T coated fibers have a superior mechanical strength, are easy to handle and can be used within a wide temperature range (-180°C to 200°C). Moreover, the ORMOCER®-T coating enables stable temperature measurements up to 200°C and beyond depending on the sensor configuration and maximum temperature exposure duration.

For more detailed information, please following this link towards our Technology-part on Ormocer

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