Long range sound sensitive All Grating Fiber (soundAGF®)

The soundAGF® is a special designed All Grating Fiber for long-range DistributedAcoustic Sensing (DAS) applications.

Long range sound sensitive All Grating Fiber (soundAGF®)

The soundAGF® is a special designed All Grating Fiber for long-range Distributed
Acoustic Sensing (DAS) applications. It is engineered to increase the back reflected light in the fiber within a certain wavelength range, enabling a better Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) and therefore a better measurement quality. It can be used as a vibration sensitive fiber for Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) or for Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) based fiber tagging applications.

The fiber Bragg Gratings are produced with our patented Draw Tower Grating (DTG®) technology during the drawing of the optical fiber before the primary coating is applied. This technology leads to a cost-effective production of long range low loss optical fibers with tailored back reflection characteristics. The enhanced back reflection can be tailored to the customer’s needs with
respect to center wavelength, bandwidth and reflectivity. With the use of our special production and coating process, the soundAGF® can be used in a wide operating temperature range.

Parameter Value
Light back reflection enhancement 10-15 dB
Base Fiber Type G657 or G652 type
Fiber Attenuation @ 1550 nm < 0.7 dB/km
Glass Outer Diameter 125 µm
Coating Outer Diameter 195 µm
Operating Temperature – 200°C to 200°C
Min. Bend Radius Long Term 15 mm
Min. Bend Radius Short Term 7,5 mm
Tension Strength > 200 kpsi
Reflection band center wavelength 1530-1565 nm
Reflection bandwidth (FWHM) 5-25 nm
Fiber coating Ormocer®

* other specifications on request


Features soundAGF®

• Increased light back reflection between 1530nm and 1565nm wavelength (enables higher vibration sensitivity)
• Tailored reflection bandwidth (1nm-25nm FWHM)
• Adjustable signal gain (3dB to 40dB)
• Adjustable gratings density (0.1 to 100 per meter)
• Low fiber attenuation
• Low additional broad band loss
• Good splice compatibility to standard fiber
• High operating temperature range
• Detection of smaller acoustic events
• Extending the application range of Distributed Acoustic Applications
• High mechanical strength


The soundAGF® fibers are intended for the use with all available Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) systems to enhance the systems performance and sensitivity. The use of the soundAGF® in combination with DAS will enable the following applications:

• Pipeline monitoring (leak detection, corrosion detection, external events)
• In-well low and high temperature monitoring
• Railway monitoring (track and train)
• Perimeter security sensing
• Subsea & highway monitoring
• Industrial plant monitoring
• Smart city applications

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Our All Grating Fiber (AGF®) consists of a low bend loss fiber with densely spaced Draw Tower Gratings (DTG®s) over the full length of the fiber. The AGF is developed for users of OFDR (optical frequency domain reflectometry) systems for use e.g. within the aerospace industry.

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